Tom Wanek SpeakingTom Wanek educates businesses and organizations on how to persuade customers to take action. (Sample speaking topics are below.) Read Tom’s biography. His speaking style is professional, engaging and memorable. Tom’s presentations are original, easy-to-digest and will give your audience practical tools and techniques to grow their business. Your audience will learn from inspiring, real-world case studies that range from corporate giants to much smaller, owner-operated companies.

Presentations and workshops range from 45-minutes to two full days, and include handouts and worksheets. Contact Tom for details and speaking fees.

Speaking Topics:

Currencies That Buy Credibility – Keynote Presentation

Making powerful statements is easy:

“We won’t be undersold.”
“Satisfaction guaranteed.”
“The best quality at the best price.”

But making these statements believable is not so easy.

The believability of your company’s marketing message is directly related to your willingness to risk or spend one or more of six resources. And the more you risk or spend, the more believable your message becomes.

Money is only one of the six resources you can invest.

Tom will teach your audience the six currencies they can use to purchase credibility, show them successful examples of each and help them craft their own believable power statement.

This is a one-of-a-kind marketing presentation with information your audience can take home and immediately put to action.

Session Key Points:

  • Why your marketing and advertising must account for credibility.
  • What biologists and neurologists have discovered about communicating with honesty and trust.
  • How to purchase credibility for your business by investing one of more of six currencies.
  • Three questions that will align what you are saying with who you are being.
  • Where credibility fits into the entire mechanism of persuasive marketing communication.
  • How to craft your very own power statement.

This presentation is based on Tom’s book, Currencies That Buy Credibility.

The Seven Most Common Credibility Killers In Marketing Today

Credibility is the characteristic or trait of being trusted. And successful companies deliberately take steps to protect and project credibility, leading consumers to anticipate a trustworthy buying experience. But there are seven credibility killers lurking in marketing today that will undermine any attempts to attract and convert customers. Learn how to avoid the seven most common credibility killers in marketing.

Deconstructing Ads: What works in advertising, what doesn’t and why

Which first mental image provides your ad with the greatest impact? Does your last mental image leave customers feeling good about your company, products or services? Does your advertising frame the buying experience for the customer? Which words are most likely to persuade your customer to take action? What information should be left out? Successful ads account for every one of these factors. In this presentation, Tom deconstructs a series of ads and teaches your audience what works, what doesn’t and why.

More Than A Digital Brochure: How to optimize your website for conversions

Does your website convert traffic into sales? Your website should do more than serve as a digital marketing brochure for your company. It should be your company’s most successful salesperson. Tom deconstructs websites to show how layout, design and copy can convert visitors into buyers.

Tom Wanek NetworkingSpeaking Experience:

  • Unzipped: Ad Writing & Customer Experience for the Female Customer
  • Marketing Beyond Advertising Workshop – Austin, TX
  • Business Building Strategies – Barrie, ON
  • Credibility Conversation Series – Elyria, OH
  • Recession Busting Strategies – Toronto, ON
  • WOTR – Denver, CO
  • Fight The Big Boys & Win – 2009
  • WOTR – Nashville, TN
  • Fight The Big Boys & Win – 2008
  • Boom Your Business – Mornington, Australia
  • Wizard of Ads FPS – Austin, TX


“Thanks Tom for your excellent presentation at the Credibility Conversation Speakers Series. Your perspective on earning credibility was enlightening and thought provoking. Your on-stage presence was engaging and your use of case studies, humor and even a little science along the way was entertaining. Many speakers challenge us to rethink our business. You inspired us to take action. Weeks after the presentation, I am still receiving compliments from audience members.”Ed Skimin, President, Emerge Inc.

“It’s simple.

Business success is battle, you and yours ~vs~ them and theirs.

Want more pie, you gotta do something different, dramatically different. For me, drawing a line in the sand began with this workshop.

Tom reminded me of a Business Field General, he shared his arsenal of savvy strategies and guerrilla tactics and more importantly, he had the talent and real world business experience to lead us to our own discovers, personal insights, market specific solutions and doable action plans. Tom taught us how to create, lead, leverage, broadcast, kick-ass and eat more pie.

I thank you, my competitors will not.” – Ken Brand, Sales Manager, Prudential Real Estate Services

“Tom is fascinating, fun & passionate…. a natural teacher. For two days he held my attention & interest like glue. I have 30 years of business experience and have operated three companies – I thought I had heard & seen it all……until I took his class. I have been rejuvenated & armed with new, cutting edge information that is unique, fresh and makes so much sense. I could have listened to him for a week easily!!” – Jean Carpenter-Backus, TheNakedAccountant.com


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