The Butterfly Wings That Spark Spectacular Business Growth


Are you looking for the butterfly wings in your business? If so, I predict you’ll see great success, my friend.

Tom Wanek, here, and you’re watching Wizard Marketing TV, where business owners learn persuasive tools and techniques to spark miraculous growth.

Stay tuned, and see why the single most powerful thing you can do to grow your business might just be something small and seemingly insignificant.

Honestly, I’ve had enough. Three times during the past week, my wife, Lydia, has tried to spend money with a local business. Each time, she encountered a closed, dark and deserted storefront during normal business hours. And no, it wasn’t even remotely close to the closing time posted on the door. She visited both of these businesses during peak times.

Forgive me if I seem agitated, but this is a huge pet peeve for me. It drives me nuts.

See, these are the same business owners who’ll whine, cry and complain that the community doesn’t support local businesses. They’ll tell you that your lack of support is going to eventually cause them to shut their doors permanently.

Yet, these are the same business owners who continue to disappoint their customers by not practicing virtuosity. These are the same business owners who neglect to do the little things that matter most … like being open when you say you’re gonna be open.

Now, is it enough to think you’ll achieve success by merely maintaining convenient hours of operation?

No. Of course not. But it sure does help now, does’t it?

The Butterfly Effect states that a change in something seemingly small and insignificant—such as a flap of a butterfly’s wings—can cause large differences in the future, like altering the path travelled by a hurricane.

In other words, one small change can create a significantly different outcome. Far too often, marketers become so enamored with the idea of hitting the out-of-the-park-grand-slam that they overlook the fundamentals of running a business. They overlook the small and seemingly insignificant steps that can boom sales through the roof. Yes, I’m talking about things like:

Speaking to your customer in the language of your customer about what matters most to your customer.

Doing the things that you say you’re going to do. Yes, your actions and words must be aligned.

Or how about looking for every way imaginable to delight your customer.

Updating your website regularly with blog posts and videos that’ll transfer confidence and prove that you are who you claim to be.

And, yes … maintaining convenient hours of operation—even if there’s some place else you’d rather be.

Make no mistake: These things—and many others—are the butterfly wings that spark spectacular growth.

Are you looking for the butterfly wings in your business?

Uncover the tiny little details that make it drop-dead easy for customers to do business with you. Be tenacious with this stuff. You just might see big results you’re looking for.

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