Jonny Wilkinson says England have momentum heading into World Cup

England are peaking according to Jonny Wilkinson.

Eddie Jones’ side will be confident of success after beating Ireland in a record win in Twickenham in their final game, live on Sky Sports, and face Italy in their match on Friday.
England beat at Six Nations champions a month before losing the fixture in Cardiff and Wilkinson was impressed for the World Cup, which starts on September 20 at Tokyo.
“They’ve used the pre-season brightly, ” the warm-up games,” said Wilkinson. “They’re almost peaking and have obtained momentum heading on, which is good.
“Every game appears to have a true goal and objective about the reason why they’re playing it, which staff they are picking and why they’re choosing it.
“It is not only a case of’Let us see if we could win a couple of games’, it’s more’Let us go and watch what we’re capable of, and put some things into practice that we have been working on in camp’.
“The men look excited, fresh and physically prepared. I think that will be crucial going in now, they don’t do a lot of but do enough to be in a certain state of mind come the very first game.”
England stay with Wilkinson famously kicking at his side, the northern hemisphere nation to have won the World Cup.
England could face Australia at the quarter-finals of the year’s tournament and Wilkinson has supported the present generation if they hit the last four, to go all of the way.
“The obstacle for me was constantly quarter-finals,” he said. “The championship was always divided into two phases – the Pool stage along with the latter stages but today I believe that the quarter-final holds an interesting position.
“Two of the World Cups I had been involved we exited in the quarter-final and the others went right to the closing. That’s the turning point, for me.
“Once you hit this semi-final stage there’s a specific level of letting things to go the way that they are. We always felt strong about semi-finals, nearly like that is not where it finishes.
“But the quarter-final is the point in which you come out of the group phases and people think’this is not enough, it is never enough’, semi-final is where you think should you get there you’re moving.
“I’d love to see a few northern hemisphere names in that semi-final draw and surely to see one of them at the closing will be fine. If it had been England I would be happier.”

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