Win the Heart (and Wallet) of Your Prospect

“When I want copy that gets results, I turn to Tom Wanek”

Michele Miller“My success depends on the success of my clients, so when I want copy that gets results, I turn to Tom Wanek. I have worked with Tom for seven years and am always knocked out by his level of understanding for each client and the depth of research he conducts to make the copy as personal, professional, and persuasive as possible. Tom’s most recent project, for a medical weight-loss clinic in California, resulted in a 142% increase in physician referrals, and a 62.8% increase in patient referrals! The client was ecstatic, to say the least. Tom knows what to say, and how to say it – anyone looking for results should hire him, pronto.”

Michele Miller,

With persuasive copy that smashes through the fortified defenses of
ANY master skeptic

Any copywriter worth a lick of salt knows their job is to persuade YOUR customers to take the action you want them to take. In other words, your sales copy must produce results. Otherwise, those marketing dollars are better spent someplace else. (Heck, you might as well keep that money securely tucked away in your pocket.)

But naturally, producing winning copy is easier said than done.

See, persuasion requires the right potency of relevancy (speaking to your customer’s felt need) and credibility (presenting elements of proof). What’s more, your copy should address these critical questions – among several others:

  • Does your copy move the needle on the ‘who cares’ meter, or are you answering a question no one was asking?
  • Are you speaking the prospect’s ‘language’ or are you attempting to win the over with a bunch of ad-speak, hype and unsubstantiated claims?
  • Which first mental image provides your message with the greatest impact?
  • What information should you leave out?
  • How should you close?

Most of all, how will you craft a message that’ll cut through the clutter of advertisements that confront a grizzled, skeptical buying public?

The bottom line: Fail to properly address any of these factors and your copy won’t be as powerful and persuasive as it could be. Far too many prospects will slip through the cracks … which means revenue will slip through the cracks.

But you don’t have to get shellacked by limp, ineffective copy.

Hire Tom to win the heart (and wallet) of your prospect with persuasive copy that’ll smash through the fortified defenses of any master skeptic.