Getting credit for everything that makes you remarkable


Are you getting credit for everything that makes you special? If not, perhaps you like leaving money the table. I’m only kidding. I know that’s not really true. Is it?

Tom Wanek, here, and you’re watching Wizard Marketing TV, where business owners learn persuasive tools and techniques to spark miraculous growth.

Today, we dive into marketing strategy, and you’ll discover how to leverage the assets that are uniquely yours and yours alone. Stay tuned.

Unleveraged assets are the stories, abilities, relationships, products and services that are unique to you and your company. What’s more, these assets have not previously been positioned for maximum effect.

Now, I promise you, every business has at least a handful of assets that go unleveraged. So let’s get that outta the way, just so you don’t feel bad or inadequate.

Naturally, when your assets go unleveraged—when they’re buried—your marketing message remains a story half told. Not good. Worse than that, not profitable.

In short, you leaving money on the table when you overlook assets such as:

  • Inside champions who are willing to tout the virtues of your products or services
  • Exclusive product offerings
  • Specialized skill-sets
  • Unused retail or office space
  • Relationships or joint ventures
  • “How to” videos
  • Your company’s story

Of which, my favorite of all are Genesis moments that explain who you are and why you do business the way you do.

Now listen, I’m not suggesting that every asset you own is worth leveraging or weaving into your marketing message. Not at all. I’m only suggesting that you consistently dig for the occasional jewel that’ll help you attract an army of loyal customers to grow your business.

Now, you’re a Marketing Wizard, so you’re focused and attentive. So I betcha feel like every asset you own is wisely invested, right?

Yes, a focused and attentive business owner is able to juggle a mind-boggling number of details.

But your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. That’s why I’m convinced that intense focus and familiarity with your company and market creates a blind-spot … a blind-spot which causes you to take your unique gifts and abilities for granted. In other words, those things that seem unremarkable from your perspective, look astonishingly extraordinary from your customer’s viewpoint.

For example, I recently met with a business owner who created an online promotional and instructional video for his coaching business. Yet, the video was buried somewhere on the company website—three or four pages deep.

Two other companies I’ve consulted in the past few months also buried assets on their website. Both times, the assets were incredibly convincing customer testimonials.

Do you really think customers are gonna give you the time and patience to jump through hoops and dig for your unleveraged assets?

Listen. Marketing is your job … not your customer’s job. So help ‘em out. After all, they looking to choose you. So when you’ve got it, flaunt it. Place those videos and testimonials smack-dab on the homepage of your website. Tell the stories that are uniquely and wonderfully your own. Leverage everything you got, full-tilt.

And why not? You’ve need to get credit for everything that makes you remarkable.

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Remember, we’re in this together … I’ve got your back. I’ll see you real soon.

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