Currencies That Buy Credibility

Currencies That Buy CredibilityCurrencies That Buy Credibility

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Making powerful statements is easy:

“We won’t be undersold.”
“Satisfaction guaranteed.”
“The best quality at the best price.”

But making these statements believable is not so easy.

The believability of your company’s marketing message is directly related to your willingness to risk or spend one or more of six resources. And the more you risk or spend, the more believable your message becomes.

Money is only one of the six resources you can invest.

Currencies That Buy Credibility teaches you the six currencies that you can invest to purchase credibility, shows you successful examples of each and helps you craft your own believable power statement.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why your marketing message must account for credibility.
  • What biologists and neurologists have discovered about communicating with honesty and trust.
  • Three questions that will align what you are saying with who you are being.
  • Where credibility fits into the entire mechanism of persuasive marketing communication.

The bottom line: Currencies That Buy Credibility is the book that teaches you how to accelerate your credibility to drive more traffic, sales and word-of-mouth.

What readers had to say:

Currencies That Buy Credibility“Don’t let the size of this book fool you. It’s smaller than most business books out there today, but that’s because the author has the gift of crafting a message with impact – he can say in 100 words what it takes others at least 1000 words.

Full disclosure: I read this book in galley form as a courtesy to the author. And while I was impressed with the content, it wasn’t until I purchased my copy of the actual book that I was wowed to the point of buying a CASE of books to share with colleagues and clients. The layout is very eye-catching, and the case studies are fascinating.

Tom Wanek takes the often-overwhelming topic of basic marketing and boils it down into six actionable points. Choose one of the six, focus on it with all your might, and create a message and customer experience to match. This book filters out all of the marketing hype and buzz, and gives you permission to create a marketing strategy kicks “buckshot strategy” to the curb in favor of a simple, laser-like approach.

Once you read this book, you’re going to want to buy multiple copies for your staff and friends – I’m not kidding. This small business tome is timeless and would be a bargain at three times the price.”
Michele Miller, author of The Soccer Mom Myth

“I read this small, yet highly-concentrated book in an hour. Afterward, I felt like I had attended a high-powered, full-day seminar from a person I would trust my business to.

His concept is so sharp it cuts through hype and misconceptions. But his examples and solutions are so clear and concrete that they’ll heal your business and marketing woes.

I’m a marketing consultant and writer, and after reading this book I’m swimming in ideas of how to improve my clients’ business model and messaging. Anyone selling anything should feast on this book and apply its principles.”
Stephen D. Palmer