The One Thing You Must Do Before Writing Ad Copy


Do you expect advertising to cure whatever ills your company? If so, you may be putting the cart before the horse, my friend.

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Stay tuned, and we’ll discuss what you absolutely MUST do before writing a single word of ad copy. I’ll see YOU on the other side.

“Gimme some of those ads that work. More traffic. That’s what I really need.”

Anytime I hear these words, I cringe. It signals desperation. It signals that we’ve got a long road ahead. But we’re not afraid of a little hard work, are we? So let’s roll up our sleeves and tackle this thing.

First things first, please understand, writing great copy becomes brain-dead easy when you have something supremely powerful to say. In other words, great ad copy is built upon the backbone of a winning strategy. Always. It cannot work in reverse.

So before you sit down to write a single word of ad copy, think through and develop your strategy. Declare your core values and beliefs. Define how you plan to position your product for maximum impact. Identify the felt need of your customer … one that you are willing and able to meet.

Next up, answer this for me: Do you really have a traffic problem? Or, is traffic simply a symptom of a much larger issue? Think hard about this. Are customers not visiting your store because they don’t know about you, or perhaps because they do?

That’s hard to swallow, isn’t it?

But now’s not the time to bury your head in the sand. Now’s the time to see what you’re made of. Now’s the time to look unflinchingly in the mirror and bravely face those issues that are the biggest, ugliest, smelliest, nastiest things holding you back.

Just know, there cannot be any gaps between what you say and what you do. Every day companies falter and fail because of this disconnect between words and actions.

To avoid a similar fate, your staff must live up to the promises you make in your advertising. And so must your products and services.

Legendary advertising executive, Bill Bernbach, famously said, “Never make good advertising for a bad product.”

See, Bill knew that good advertising will only accelerate what was going to happen anyway. So do whatever it takes to fix your products and customer experience before you tell the world about it. Otherwise you’re just throwing gas on the fire, and when all is said and done, you just might be surprised to find yourself in a world of trouble … you just might find your business has gone belly up.

Marketing Wizards, please understand that—although it’s tempting to throw money at advertising when things are going less than perfect—you cannot put the cart before the horse. Build a solid foundation first. Develop your strategy and refine you customer experience before you advertise. Do this and you’ll take the world by storm.

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